Teacher who has turned into an artist…. custom art, portraiture, drawings, design; I draw cars, I draw pets, I draw people. Accurate affordable drawings done by a professional artist!

Summertime is right around the corner.  “Summertime, and the living’s easy.”    Although, I can’t be too lazy!  I have a lot of commissions to wrap up and also, I landed a pretty interesting summer job. I’m going to be promoting “Art Instruction School.”   It’s a pretty neat school. It offers a lot of unique classes.  and it’s very personal, students work from home.   A lot of famous artists went there.    … one more week and my current job is over.   … and my co-worker just bought me a burrito from the local mexican restaurant.   Today is a very good day! 

I have been doing a lot of custom art lately.  Many portraits and drawings are available on the website, but also on etsy, art galleries, and the downtown art walks.    All of this exposure has kept me pretty busy.  Which is an incredibly rewarding feeling.    I did a custom drawing for my brother recently of Data from star trek dressed as Sherlock Holmes.  He loved the drawing, I just asked him to let me hang on to it for another day or two while I touch it up.  well, during the art walk last week….. This woman begged me to sell it.  I told her that I wouldn’t.  …I couldn’t….     …. …. But I did.  I caved.  She loved it so much, and it made me feel so good, how could I deny her the geeky satisfaction she would get from owning a drawing done of Data dressed as Sherlock.  

Okay, I have got to run.  But I have so much more to say.  I’ll be back.    Just remember I do lot’s of custom drawings, portrait art, and many more styles.   custom art, portraiture, drawings, design;  I draw cars, I draw pets, I draw people.    Accurate affordable drawings done by a professional artist!  But for now enjoy this drawing of data~!



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