You Can Get Better at Drawing

Whenever I have an exhibition, I have people walk up to me and constantly say “Oh my, I wish I could draw like that”  or I hear,  “Oh, I suck at drawing, I could never do that.”  I always want to say to them.  YES YOU CAN!!!   I swear, I used to say the same thing.

I remember taking a figure drawing class when I was 18 or 19 years old for the first time in my life.  drawing beside me was a woman (in her 40’s) that was a career artist.  She would draw these amazing pictures.  Breathtaking drawings, in half the time it took me to draw childish amateur disproportionate drawings.

My drawing teacher was a chain smoker and he would have a smoke break every half hour during this 3 hour class.  One day I walked out with him and started asking him about the potential of becoming a famous artist.  He told me that it’s not easy and that my talent level wasn’t quite high enough.   I remember being deflated, and feeling that my alternative degree, elementary education, should be the path that I take.   So I did, I became an elementary school teacher bouncing from kindergarten to highschool,  Amongst all this time I never stopped drawing.  I practiced, and took the occasional drawing and painting class, I read books, and googled drawing tips and techniques.  After a while, I started producing some really nice drawings.  All it took, was a little instruction, and a whole lot of practice.  I said to myself, what if I can recreate a regime of drawing that is similar to a real university level.  I became a self taught artist.  But I never expected it to take off like it did.I have turned my hobby of drawing into a real career, drawing custom portraits and commissioned drawings for people all over the country.   I’m still not where I’d like to be, and I feel like I missed out on some really powerful art instruction, because I was intimidated and scared of the ‘starving artist’ stereotype.  Being an artist is as risky as many other professions.  Many people decide to open up their own business,  many different types of businesses from providing services, to selling goods.  I like to think of an artist in the same way.  and since you’re producing a service/product that I create myeslf, it requires a very small investment.   I love drawing, and I wish someone would have encouraged me to practice more, and take more classes.

I’d like to provide as many people as I can with some free drawing tutorials, and drawing critiques,  You will be able to submit drawings and artwork for critique.  I also have 2 artist friends that are very successful and can help provide some valuable feedback on your artwork.  keep your eyes out and we will start posting more and more videos.  Thanks for your support and keep your eyes out on all different types of tutorials, from eyes to mouths, to learning how to become a freelance artist, doing custom portraits, couples portraits, any type of custom drawings.  Keep your eyes out and get ready for some awesome artwork. 


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