A Break From Drawing

I decided to take a break from drawing portraits tonight. Instead I spent my day relaxing and cooking. Things got real creative in the kitchen. I made quiches today. I whipped up some pie crusts and made one sausage quiche. I wanted to make another quiche that was a bit more unique. Shitake mushrooms were on sale at Fry’s. I also bought asparagus and spinach. I caramelized some onions and started assembling the quiche.
When time came to add the cheese I did as I normally do. I add mild white cheese like baby Swiss and white cheddar. But here’s the twist, I had a little blue cheese left in the fridge from a salad I made. So I mixed that with the other cheeses. It turned out great.

This quiche has this beautiful earthy flavor. It’s amazing. The blue cheese is still mild. The quiche is creamy and full of vegetables.



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