I have been incredibly busy.  I have been traveling, I started a new painting series.  I have so many amazing things to share.  I will be rolling out some awesome new posts about local art, cooking, home brewed beer.  I’ll even be starting up my tutorials again (based on popular demand).  And as Always, I’m still booking commissions. and doing custom drawings.  


Here’s a progress photo of a drawing I recently started for a client.  I love doing these drawings, but, I may have to raise my prices soon, which I don’t want to do.  The fact is that I can’t keep investing this much time into each drawing.  It makes my wife cranky.  seriously though,  I have so many other responsibilities, that, at 100 dollars a pop, I can’t spend 2 days drawing a picture.  I may even have to double my prices for my portraits if I want to do this as a long term thing.  But, for the time being, I am probably going to keep things where they are.  

I will definitely keep things fresh,  I will try and manage my time better, and I will be sharing my adventures with you all very soon.  Keep your eyes peeled!


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