1969 Chevelle Colored Pencil Drawing. 8″x10″

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69 Chevelle, Colored pencil on paper 8″x10″

I had a lot of fun drawing this car.  It’s actually the second 69 Chevelle I’ve been asked to draw, and it is quickly becoming my dream car.  What a beauty.  I wonder what it was like to buy this as a new car, instead of the new cars people are buying these days.  Contact me if you are interested in custom drawings, or if you just want to discuss some art.  I have been busy for the Holidays, but I still have some spots open for commissions, custom artwork and original art.


Fall, pumpkins and colored pencils

Fall, pumpkins and colored pencils

This was my first attempt at a drawing with colored pencils. It was a lot of fun. The color is vivid, i think it turned out great. I think I’ll be doing a lot more colored pencil pieces. I hope you are all as excited about the fall as I am. Bring on the cooler weather and autumn colors.