Hungry Deadpool 

Deadpool with tacos.   

Pencil on Bristol paper. 


1969 Chevelle Colored Pencil Drawing. 8″x10″

Custom car drawings, classic cars, custom drawings portraits and design by andrew horvath.
69 Chevelle, Colored pencil on paper 8″x10″

I had a lot of fun drawing this car.  It’s actually the second 69 Chevelle I’ve been asked to draw, and it is quickly becoming my dream car.  What a beauty.  I wonder what it was like to buy this as a new car, instead of the new cars people are buying these days.  Contact me if you are interested in custom drawings, or if you just want to discuss some art.  I have been busy for the Holidays, but I still have some spots open for commissions, custom artwork and original art.

Custom drawings- Awesome special on any personalized drawing

Custom drawings- Awesome special on any personalized drawing

Hi everyone, I’m offering a super special price on custom drawings. Any original drawing of your choosing on an 8×12 folded archival paper starts at only $35! Check out these drawings I did for a scifi fan. Please share this with your friends and family, because this special wont last long.

Eyes from my sketchbook. Awesome, realistic, colorful drawings of eyes.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage Image

In the last year, I have drawn my butt off.  I draw in my sketchbook everyday, I work on commissioned projects and I paint.  It has been the most rewarding year of my life.  Although, financially, not so much…   Today I went through my phone, and my computer and found these sketches of eyes.  Mostly out of my sketchbooks.  It was Kind of fun looking back at some of my drawings and creating a series like this.   There are thousands of drawings all over the place.  I think I might start organizing them into more posts like this.  What do you guys think?