custom drawings, portraiture and design

custom drawings, portraiture and design

I love drawing portraiture. I also love drawing custom work. Althought I’ll be starting a new series of anatomy drawings. This will help me understand anatomy, improve my drawing skills and I’d like to prepare for a career in art instruction. I have enjoyed branching out from just portrait drawings of people. Enjoy these educational drawings.


Memorial portrait drawing (a drawing of my grandmother)

Memorial portrait drawing (a drawing of my grandmother)

My grandmother passed away a few months ago. She was 94 years old, and she was a very strong woman. After she passed away I drew this portrait of her and gave it to my mom as a present.

My family is from Romania, and my grandmother was very religious. Every year my grandmother would give me a present on Saint Andrew’s day and Today is Saint Maria’s day, I’m posting this portrait drawing to honor her memory today.