Apple oil painting 

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“Apple,” Oils 4″x6″
This painting was a quick sketch style painting.  I’m experimenting a lot with lighting and creating and using still life.  One of my favorite styles of painting is the impressionistic style.  This is something I am working on.  


Portrait demo turns into my favorite piece.


I did a portrait demo/lesson last year for a high school class and I used a really cool photo reference of this feisty looking black woman. It was meant to be a quick demo on how I lay down the face and make it all come together. However, before I knew it, this drawing turned into something really fun. I wish I still had it, but I ended up giving it away to a student…. I think. Anyway, I’ll be posting some images and demos this week. Lots of art critiques to come. And even a demo on how I stretch and prep canvas for a painting. Definitely a lot of posts this week, I have a lot of catching up to do.

Comic Convention artist displaying my art and booking custom drawings and commissions.

I am back home from Tucson.  Kids are in bed, everyone’s got school tomorrow, but I have lot’s of drawing ahead of me. The Tucson Comic Convention was a huge success. It was not nearly as huge as the Phoenix Comicon but the attendees were just as awesome.  The cosplay was great.  and there were tons of great artists there too.   I sold a lot of prints at the convention, but I also booked several quick commissions.  I also finally put up a display behind me where I could show some more of my art including several originals, and a giant cutout of Chewbacca     Image



I was asked to do a lot of custom sketches from Doctor Who, Mario Brothers to the video game “The Last of Us.”  But the most fun I had was when someone asked me to do a sketch of them as a super hero.  One family asked me to draw there little boy as Thor, and another kid asked me to draw him as the joker.  I only charged $20 for the superhero sketch and I was drawing non stop.                                      ImageImage


I only charged a few dollars extra for adding color to a drawing like this one of a child’s head on THOR’S body. I really enjoyed doing these commissions on the fly.  It sparked something for me, and I hope I can start booking more quick sketches like this.  

I was also asked to do several drawings of characters from video games and tv.  My favorite was the Adipose from Doctor Who.





A 7 year old boy walked up to me and asked if I’d draw Bowser for him. It was awesome! It made him so happy!  Usually I tell people to walk around and come back in 15 or 20 minutes and I’ll have the sketch done for them.  This little guy asked if he could stand there and watch while I draw.  Well, of course he could! and he didn’t take his eyes off the drawing.  



This is from the game called “THE LAST OF US”  I have actually never played this game before, but the girl that asked me to draw it described it to me.  Sounds amazing, you can also check out some reviews and game play on youtube.  I think it is kind of like “resident evil,” but I’m not quite sure.  The game seems to have a really serious plot and I don’t want any spoilers so after watching 5 minutes of game play I turned it off.  

Thanks again for all the support, and to everyone that made it out to the convention.  I was surprised at how many attendees traveled from PHoenix to Tucson for this convention.  THe next big AZ con will be “Amazing Arizona Comicon” in January.   So the countdow begins for that!  I’ll be posting more photos and more art.  Several prints, originals, and custom drawings are always available, check out my blog and website.  Drop me a line, I’d love to talk about the art, And I love starting new projects. 



Chocobo on the loose. From Final Fantasy!


Lot’s of excitement with the up-coming events.  “”I’ve got so much time and so little to do… wait a minute, strike that, reverse it…”” Enjoy this drawing of a Chocobo from the iconic game series “Final Fantasy.”   If anyone is interested in purchasing a print please contact me.  I will be setting up a shop online once I return from the convention.  

Custom portraits and drawings 2013 Andrew’s Pencil

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I have recently been going through my sketchbooks and reflecting on some of the recent commissions I’ve completed.  I have always loved traditional portrait drawings.  I’d like to discuss some of my favorite projects and how I think they’ve turned out. The first few drawings were some of my most difficult projects.  I will gladly book any job, no matter how difficult.  I always tell my clients, “YES! I can definitely do that!”   then they pay the deposit, I sit down in my studio and say “Awe crap, how am I going to do this?  I remember feeling that way when I booked this portrait drawing from a wedding.  The photo resolution wasn’t terrible, but it definitely wasn’t High res, I couldn’t really zoom in,  and if you notice everyone looks like they are kind of squinting.  Everyone in the photo practically had their eyes closed.  The person who commissioned it asked if I could do something about that in the drawing.  I said I would try something, but I need to keep it true to the photo if I’m going to capture the persons “likeness.”  I think I definitely pulled it off.  The background was a challenge as well.  I had never really drawn a grassy field like that, and the trees in the background turned out a lot better than I had expected.  After I finished this project, I was thrilled.  I spent way more time than I planned on it, and financially, it wasn’t the best idea to take this job on.  But it has definitely become one of my favorite drawings.

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Custom drawings of classic cars and original designs

I was commissioned to draw 2 BMW drawings.  I had drawn classic cars in the past, but this was the first time I was asked to draw something a little more modern.  Again I was faced with drawing a background, but overall I think they turned out okay.  Most traditional portraits have very soft, blended shadows, and hardly no hard edges.  However, I love those “sketchy” characteristics in a drawing, so I tried to keep that quality, while still having a professional looking, finished, drawing.  Here’s a secret I never told anyone,  when I finished drawing the second BMW above, I went to take it off my drawing board and didn’t see that part of it was still taped down.  I ripped the paper when I lifted it.  I was devastated.  So I ended up re-drawing that BMW which took forever.  I promised to have the drawings done on a certain day, so I definitely pulled an all-nighter that night.

Children portraits, Child portrait, portrait drawings, custom portraits, potrait artist, custom drawings, pencil drawings, visual arts, modern art, custom art,

This next drawing was a huge one.  18” x 24”  I had never been asked to do a drawing that large, but it turned out great.  It was a lot of fun and a nice challenge.  I think it is very realistic, and the mother was so thrilled she gave me permission to attach the child’s photo to the drawing to show the likeness.

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I really love this drawing.  As I mentioned before, many portrait artists use a blending stump and create very soft shadows and realistic effects in drawings, but I prefer sketchy lines as well.  When this couple sent me the reference photo I got really excited.  I knew this would turn out great.  I was going to combine styles and create a very soft and beautifully rendered drawing but leave a portion of it unfinished and sketchy.   I think this one turned out great.  This couple was also thrilled about the result of the portrait and they sent me a really nice email.  When I read the reaction email from a client after I send a photo of a finished drawing, I swell up.  It is the most satisfying feeling in the world.  Most drawings are done of something or someone with very sentimental feelings attached to it.  I get to share and contribute to very personal things.  It’s pretty awesome.

pet portrait, pet drawing, portraiture

This last drawing was my first pet portrait.  I was asked to draw this dog who recently passed away.  Someone wanted to give it as a gift to the dog owner, so I was contacted by them and asked to do this drawing.  It was a lot of fun, the dog turned out great, it looks just like the dog.  I was a little concerned because I had never drawn fur before, I had never really drawn a dog before either.  I was kind of shocked that this person requested this drawing from me, because I don’t have any examples of pet portraits on my website.  But I am glad he did, because I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait to draw some more pets.

If you want to see some of my client review and testimonials check out my testimonials page

You can also visit my page and order custom drawings and portraits.

Eyes from my sketchbook. Awesome, realistic, colorful drawings of eyes.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage Image

In the last year, I have drawn my butt off.  I draw in my sketchbook everyday, I work on commissioned projects and I paint.  It has been the most rewarding year of my life.  Although, financially, not so much…   Today I went through my phone, and my computer and found these sketches of eyes.  Mostly out of my sketchbooks.  It was Kind of fun looking back at some of my drawings and creating a series like this.   There are thousands of drawings all over the place.  I think I might start organizing them into more posts like this.  What do you guys think?